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Sabrina McEwan

Front-end developer based in Amsterdam

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Selection of my personal projects

Dandilion Seed representing Meegosh Code - Web Development Business based in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Meegosh Code

A career change brought me to coding. Out of the passion for coding Meegosh Code got created. The company builds and maintains websites, offers green hosting, advices to develop a marketing strategy and builds online courses

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Surfing Sailing Tango

Sports and being active are a big part of my life. I like doing different sorts of activities, from dancing Tango to surfing, sailing and yoga. As long as I can move and learn something new on the way.

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Surfing Project - Sabrina McEwan
Tree planting project - Reforestation in Bretagne, France, planting 300 trees

Tree Planting

Nature needs more trees.
To give nature back what we used for the renovation, we planted around 300 trees on a field. At the same time as our project was going on, the governement in Finistère launched a reforestation. We purchased around 380 young trees, different types and planted them in our field

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